Saturday, May 4, 2013

My crazy(but I love them) Family

So here I am again....starting a blog. I plan to keep this one going because it gives me somewhere to write my non sense. I started my first blog about a year and a half ago....and made it all of 6 posts... : /

This will be different.

This first post will just be a little about me and my family. I'm a young mom to three sweet(and/or monsterous) boys, Jeremy(6),Jaxon(2) and Jameson(almost 6 months). Im married to Mark, a hard working dad who would do anything for his boys.

Jeremy, my oldest will be 7 in May...I still can't believe that. He's a huge sweetheart but is a bit of an oddball : ) He has a weakness for animals and babies....he loves to "take care of" them.

Then theres Jaxon, he turned 2 back in March and oh does he know how to show us about the terrible 2's. He's a BIG ball of energy(more like 10,000 balls of energy) and he loves to do what you tell him not to do BUT he has the most contagious smile that'll melt your heart every time.
Then there's my baby, Jameson(or Jamie as most people call him). He will be 6 months old tomorrow!(Holy crap!) He is my big eyed, curious little man. He has already taught me so many things in these past few months. He loves to cuddle and is learning how to get around already!

Id show you a pic of me and my husband....but we dont have any recent ones : ( (I'm going to add that to my endless to-do list)
Now for some funny and more realistic pictures of my family....


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